NRBR's Adoption Policy.

It is extremely important to us at NRBR to be sure that the Boxers we rescue go to permanent, loving homes where the dog and the new owners are well-matched. In order to meet that goal, we must first learn as much as possible about the rescued dog. We accomplish this by placing the dog into an experienced foster home for an appropriate period of time to ascertain his likes and dislikes, his adaptability, his energy level and his overall temperament.

In order to learn enough about the prospective owners and their environment to make the best placement of a rescued dog, we require that an adoption application be completed and submitted to NRBR. This application is available online. We will then do a home visit to the applicant's residence to get acquainted and further determine exactly the type of Boxer best suited to the applicant's environment and life style. We want to be sure that our dogs have adequate space to live, so we are not looking at the home with white gloves on. The visit is not invasive and we don't look in closets, drawers or under beds. :-) If we have a Boxer that matches the applicant's needs and home situation, the applicant will then be invited to visit with the dog. All members of the family should plan to attend that initial visit (including other any other canine family members).

It is our policy not to adopt rescue dogs out to homes with existing intact dogs (male or female). In the rescue business, we see first hand what happens to too many puppies and young dogs that come into this world because someone decided their pet should produce puppies or because of accidental breeding. Over 25% of the dogs in stray kennels in this country are pure breeds and most of them (thousands), sadly, are euthanized each day because there are simply not enough rescues to take them. So from an ethical standpoint, this is why many rescues do not place dogs in homes where there is an intact dog (male or female). Whether or not you decide to neuter/spay your dog is, of course, your own decision. But from a moral standpoint, we have made it our policy not to place rescue Boxers in homes with intact dogs.

Another important requirement for adoption involves secure containment. With very few extraordinary exceptions, we require adopters to have a secure, safe fenced-in garden in which the dog can have adequate room to exercise in a safe environment.

If you are looking for a perfectly-trained obedience dog or looking for a snarling, vicious guard dog that will love you, your family, your friends, but no one else, you’ve come to the wrong place. We don’t have either one. The snarling, vicious dog will never pass evaluation to get into our rescue programme to begin with. While we do endeavour to begin a basic obedience training regime with our rescue dogs, our most important goals are to restore these unfortunate, abandoned Boxers to physical and mental health

Rescue dogs are a work in progress. In addition to various illnesses, many also come to us with behavioural issues such as shyness, fearfulness, excessive energy, etc. We begin the process of healing for them. That process must be continued by the adopter. If you are not willing to work with your dog to help him/her continue on the road to healing and becoming a happy, confident pet, please do not apply with us. We are not merely a resource from which an inexpensive Boxer can be acquired. Adopting a rescue dog is, first and foremost, an act of kindness and compassion for a creature with vast potential that simply needs patience, love, structure, training and a place to call home with a family of his/her own.

By filling out and submitting an application to NRBR, you are not committed to an adoption. The application ONLY serves to help our team best match the right dog with the right home. We try very diligently to place our Boxers into the best environment that will compliment the dog's needs as well as the adopter's desires for the new family member. Being completely honest about your home environment helps ensure that we will make a successful placement, one that turns into a "forever" home.

The NRBR team are ultimately responsible for placement decisions, and those decisions are final. The goal of Northern Rose Boxer Rescue is to find the best fit for the Boxer, if a certain Boxer's needs do not fit with your home - that does not mean that another Boxer won't work for your home, but all decisions are made by the rescue co-ordinator(s). There is no appeal of these placement decisions. Our foster homes devote their time to assessing the needs of each dog, and we would be doing these dogs a great disservice if we did not make every effort to find each dog the best possible home.


Please read fully the following Terms of Adoption before completing an application form.

•You agree to provide love, food, shelter and vet care, especially routine vaccinations, for the lifetime of the dog. You must also provide adequate exercise.

•All residents of the home must be in agreement about adopting a rescue boxer and must be present at the home check.

•It is responsibility to take out insurance for your dog once you have adopted. NRBR WILL NOT be held responsible for any vet fees incurred through lack of insurance.

•WE will not rehome a dog to a family intending to house the dog outside.

•We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to their new life.

•If your adopted boxer is not neutered, this must be carried out within the first THREE months of adoption, no extensions allowed.

•If you can no longer care for the dog, it MUST be returned to NRBR You MUST NOT re-home the dog yourself or advertise it for sale, you must return the dog to us

•NRBR cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the dog after rehoming.

•You MUST NOT use a choke chain, shock collar or any other pain-causing device on your dog.

•You MUST NOT use physical punishment on your dog. If you need advice on positive training please contact us.

•Adoption fees are non-refundable should you decide you no longer wish to keep the dog.

•If your dog is lost or stolen, you will inform NRBR immediately.

•If you do not follow the terms of this agreement, NRBR has the right to remove the dog from your care and cancel your adoption agreement.


We thank you for your interest in Northern Rose Boxer Rescue and we look forward to helping you find a loving, well-matched companion for you and your family.

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