Amba - rehomed

Amba is our new girl. 

Amba has come from a lovely home. She is 18 months old and full of fun. 

Amba knows her name. 

If she sees another dog anywhere in the distance she will run towards it but if you call her she will stop and come running back. She chases everything when out. Birds, leaves... She walks pretty well on a lead now she's on a half check collar. She knows some basic commands though apparently not down or flat. 

She's tennis ball obsessed. No other ball seems to do. It has to be a tennis ball. She isn't food, treat or toy aggressive and loves the doggy toy box. 

At home, she isn't keen on being left. She isn't destructive at all and doesn't make much noise but when left today she was clearly looking for her foster mum.  But it is very early days for Amba and she's naturally still unsettled.

Lots of updates to follow

An update from Amba's foster mum:

Amba is an 18 month old boxer girl who is just a delight to have around here are some of her good and bad points (ish)

Good stuff
Loves people and children
Loves other dogs 
Fully Housetrained
Loves her food
Loves her ball or a toy 
Knows all basic commands
Comes back when called off lead
Doesn't really go too far away from you unless she is having a zoomie
Gives lovely Boxer snogs
Has an adorable face and loves watching the tv makes me laugh when she head cocks

Important stuff to make sure she goes to the best home

Needs to go with another dog
Chases things like birds, cats and leaves
Cant be left for too long as she hates it but she is not destructive at all but can bark
Snorts like a piglet 

So there you go Amba in a nutshell love her xx

If you think you are the perfect family for her please get in touch 

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