Bella & Roxy

Bella & Roxy are our new arrivals, a bonded pair of 7yr old boxer girls. They came via a lovely rescue who thought they needed a breed specific foster home to go to. This now means that they have a kennel free for a poundie so we were glad we could help. 

They are lovely girls that are both child and dog friendly. These beauties are looking for a home of their own before Christmas so that they have somewhere to hang their Christmas stockings.

An update from Bella & Roxy's foster mum:

Hello Bella and Roxy's foster mum here. Just a little update on these goergous girls. They have settled in so much so they've took over the sofa.
Roxy is the lively one of the two, she loves playing with toys and you will play fetch whenever she wants you too and for however long she wants you too 😂 she's fab out on the lead, loves other dogs and is fab with her human foster sister.
Bella is a happy go lucky girlie, she likes to run for the toy but Roxy always gets there first. Hopefully she'll get faster as she's on a doggy diet 🙈 She's also fab on the lead, loves meeting other dogs, she's really taken to her human foster sister which is nice as myself & my daughter have one each to cuddle 

A little update from Bella & Roxy:

Our foster mum took us to this amazing big green area where we could spread our legs.... And that we did, our ears were blowing up in the wind making us look like bat dogs... We played for ages with our foster humans we were so well behaved I think she'll take us again tomorrow. Think we'll go get in our positions on the sofa now 😴 Love Bella & Roxy 💁

Latest update from their foster mum:

These girls are so fab 😍 They're no trouble at all. They've enjoyed the festive period.. Roxy sat in the presents that Santa had brought... while Bella sat and observed on the sofa she didn't want to miss anything so was falling asleep sat up! Roxy likes to be as close as possible to her humans, no such thing as too close in Roxy's world 😂

They are great out on the lead, their foster sister who is 8 can hold each of them on the lead as they are so well behaved. 

More updates to follow

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