George is a very affectionate 8 year old Boxer dog who loves his walks and lots of cuddles. He is currently living with a family with two children (7&10) and a cat. He would be better off in either an adult only home or children that are 12+. He loves to chase cats ( fun for him but not the cat) so probably best in a home without cats. 

George is still entire so will need to be neutered. He can get a bit funny with some dogs when out and about but once he is neutered this may change a little. He gets on brilliantly with his foster sister Boxer Daisy and settled in really well. He does like to pull when on the lead but his foster mum is using a gentle leader collar which helps a lot. He loves being made a fuss of and getting cuddles. He loves having a buddy to play with and snuggle up to as you can see in the pictures.

Quick updates from George's foster mum:

When i get home he gets so excited and brings his toys to me to play. He also loves playing with his football. He has selective hearing and thinks his name is "what's this" half the time. George is fine when left at home on his own but he can open doors. He will make a wonderful companion as long as he gets lovely walks and lots of attention and will melt your heart with his beautiful big eyes. And he is licking my face while I'm writing this and trying to sit on my knee xx

George is still looking for his forever home. He had fun in the snow today. He had a good run around catching lots of snowballs. As the park got busier with other dogs he went on the lead. George is getting on much better with the cat now and is more gentle with the kids xx

Latest update from his foster mum:

George is a big cuddle monster and loves attention. He is much better with our cat now and as you can see from the latest photos he's very relaxed with the kids. He is still a bit off with other dogs when out and about so unfortunately that means a lot of lead walks. He does get time off the lead on certain walks but only when I know there are no other dogs about. He is fine with our other Boxer so will happily live with another dog.Testosterone might be partly why he can be funny with other dogs as he is still fully intact. Typical boxer as follows me everywhere and loves being involved in everything and each morning without fail jumps on the bed for his morning cuddle with my husband :) 

Latest update:

Looks like George loves a cuddle awwww x

More updates to follow

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