NRBR FUNDRAISER  Copper - October for NRBR 2014.

You could win one of these NRBR Beanie hats if you join us at our event!
The one with the most copper donated to NRBR will receive one of our Beanie Hats, colour of your choice, as a thank you for NRBR for taking part at this fundraiser!

One of our lovely members and fosterers had a brilliant idea last week for a new fundraising idea for NRBR!
Tiggers Angel made a suggestion and a lot of our members would like to take part in this so we thought we create an event page for everyone! 

Here is Tiggers idea:

'I have a good idea for fund raising that wont cost anything to anyone, what about a 'Copper October ', so if all members got a old jar, and each day put there loose copper 1p and 2ps in for all October , then donated at end of month, some may only have 30p others a bit more but it will all add up xxx'

We would like to say thank you in advance to everyone that will take part in this ... thanks for your support!

Tiggers Angel and your NRBR Team
I would like to take part but would like some more information!

That's fine if you are on Facebook you can join our event page  or contact us  on our website!

I would like to win the Beanie hat!

Brilliant, just collect all your copper during this month the event ends on 1/11/2014 at 12am, count your copper, if possible take a picture and sent it to this email with your name and contact details and we will choose the winner as soon all payments are received

How can I make my payments?

You can either pay your copper
  • directly into the NRBR Charity account, please contact us for details,
  • donate the amount you saved into our paypal account  or
  • pay it into your own bank account first and transfer your donation via bank transfer, again contact us for bank details 

Thank you very much for your ongoing support to the rescue!

Your NRBR Team

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