Danny has recently arrived from Cyprus. Danny has come from the same lovely man who saved Costa and Chloe who were in our care a while back. 

Danny was a stray in a village near Nicosia and he kept going into a farmers orchard and apparently the farmer beat him so badly that when they found him they thought he was dead. He was then in the hands of a Cypriot who asked for reward money to hand him back to a rescuer, so as you can see he has had a real bad start to his young life. The man who saved him brought him back to health and thought he needed a completely new start so he was flown over to the UK and is now in a lovely foster home.

He has apparently got a lovely nature which is surprising what he's been though and if all his assessments go okay we have someone on our list who he will suit so may already be spoken for.

He is a big pup, very gentle taking treats, affectionate and friendly with other dogs but hasn't a lot of etiquette 

He pulls on the lead but it's very much early days so he's still under assessment.

More updates to follow once he has settled in.

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