Brandie was 'NRBR's Dog of the Moment' in August 2014 and is now rehomed ;)


Hi, my name is Brandie. I was wondering if anyone could find it it their hearts to help me :-(

I am 7 years old and a lovely, sweet girl, but I have no home to call my own. You see, at the moment I have a lovely foster home but I can't stay here long. In two weeks time I have to leave, as they're going away to work and I would be all on my own :-(

Recently, the rescue taking care of me, had something called an allergy test done, because I'm always itching and sore. I don't know why I feel like this, but I heard the humans say that I need someone willing to feed me a BARF diet, I don't know what that is but it sounds good! They say it will make me happy and free of discomfort, I really like the sound of that because I'm so fed up and sad :-(
All this itching makes me a bit grumpy with other doggies and cats, so I would like to be in a home without them . I don't mean to be this way, I just can't help it :-/ I've overheard the humans say that I will be much better with other dogs when I'm not suffering with this itching, and I think they're probably right. I'm very loving and friendly, I love cuddles so much. I like children too, but older ones that know how to stroke me and understand how I'm feeling.

I would love to retire in a forever home just for me, I would be great company. Even if someone could offer me a home where I could be your foster kid, that would be awesome too. Is there anyone out there with a huge heart full of love to give me? Someone who could be devoted and patient? Someone who is willing to feed me the diet I need? 
I really hope so...

Love Brandie xxx

Trixie was 'NRBR's Dog of the Moment' in July 2014

"Hello? Is there anybody out there who wants to love me?"

My name is Trixie and I am 18 months old. I am a girlie Boxer cross with so much love to give, yet sadly I've been waiting for my forever home for a long time :-( 
You see, I was abandoned by the humans who said they'd always take care of me. I was left all alone, scared, worried, cold and nowhere to go. I was picked up and put in a van, and taken to some kennels which I heard was called 'the pound'. The humans there said I was only allowed to stay for 7 days, then I would be PTS. I didn't know what this meant, but was hoping it would mean good things for me. 
Then someone came and said "you lucky little princess, you've been saved" and off I went to a home! I was so happy to be out of those kennels. They were noisy, uncomfortable and lonely. 
Little did I know that it wasn't my forever home, it was something called a foster home. I've had a few foster homes now and it's great that these humans let me into their lives and treat me with so much kindness and love, but it's just not the same as having a home I can call my very own :-(

I promise you, I'm such a good girl. I love children so much and I am gentle with them. I love doggies too and never get cross with them, I just want to play. I'm not too sure of those little furry things that you humans call cats. With patience and time though, I can get on well with them. I don't get cross with them though, I just think that when they run, they want me to chase and play a game! (Is that what we're meant to do?). I don't like being left on my own, I get worried that no-one will come back for me but I would love a doggy friend for company :-) I know basic commands and will try very hard to learn new things for a tasty treat! I'm a very clean little lady and only ever go to the toilet outside, and I am also neutered.

I am playful, lots of fun and very fast! I once heard someone say that I'd be great at agility.....I mean, what even is that? Sounds great if it means lots of fun!! I am the most loving little girl you could ever meet. I have a huge heart with so much love to share. Please will someone be my saviour and offer me my very own forever home? I really hope so....

Lots of love 

Trixie xxx

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