Frankie & Lexi

Frankie and Lexi have come from a loving family home but due to changes they were unable to meet their needs any longer so made the heart breaking decision to part with them and signed them over to NRBR.

Both dogs are great with children and cats however Frankie is a bit boisterous with cats but not in a nasty way. They are both extremely friendly dogs and love to give kisses and cuddles. Frankie is quite strong on the lead but once he has got over the excitement he soon settles down. Lexie is also quite strong on the lead but again once over the excitement she settles down. Both dogs have gone to a foster home. 

Quick updates from their foster dad:

They are settling in well and beginning to get into a routine, they are dog friendly and love kids, (not met any cats yet) they both pull quite a lot on the lead to start (it seems they haven't been taken out for a long time), as soon as you pick up the leads they go ballistic, jumping and bouncing around, it must take a good ten minutes to get a harness on them, obviously it's too soon to try them off lead (but Lexi has other ideas) I'm renaming her "Houdini" she has managed to remove two different well fitted harnesses on three occasions so I think a straight jacket might be better for her, the good thing though is her recall is great and apart from running round in circles like a demented loonie she stayed close to us and came straight back when called.
They have both had a fantastic time down on the beach today

They are doing well, loving their walks but still going mental when they see the lead, Lexi has great recall, Frankie has "selective hearing" recall (he comes when he wants to, but is getting better) Lexi is as mad as a box of frogs and completely dotes on Frankie who is a lot calmer in the house, they love cuddles and kisses and cuddle up together for bed time, they also like to play tug the rope with each other.

Latest update:

Both mad bouncy nut job's. But always put a smile on your face 
Both sit, give paw, love cuddles, are clean in the house and can be left. Lexi's recall is very good, Frankie's is hit n miss. Both love ball games and tugging on a rope.

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