Kingsley is a gorgeous white boy who was picked up from the Pound he was found wondering the streets and owners never claimed him. 

Kingsley was rehomed but has come back due to no fault of his own the resident dog took a disliking to him so it was thought best for Kingsley that he come back to rescue. 

Kingsley has gone to a foster home today. Kingsley has always been a perfect gentleman and is such a lovely boy his previous fosterer said he is perfect in everyway he loves his walks and does walk well on the lead when out on a walk he was perfect with every dog he came across big or small what a good boy you are. Kingsley is neutered and vaccinated.

Updates from Kingsley's foster mum:

I took Kingsley out this morning, nobody to play with so let him off lead. He had a run around & a roll in the grass came back to me when called so proud of him. I then took him out this afternoon to show hubby how good he was, he found a tree branch so wanted to play, me being a good foster mummy brought his rugby ball threw it for him he went running after it. I thought ahhh isn't he sweet then he decided he didn't want to play with us just wanted to run around with it, wouldn't come back on recall he was so pleased with himself as we couldn't catch him not even a treat got his attention. Eventually caught him put him back on lead he wouldn't give his ball up lol stopped to have a poo so i kicked the ball away but hubby wasn't ready so kingsley shot forward dragging hubby behind him on the slippy muddy grass. He then ran into me then 2 little dogs arrived barking at him running in-between his legs he never batted an eye just wanted to hang onto his ball it was so funny but wont be taking it with us again and he was filthy.

Latest update :

Kingsley is still under assessment in this foster home.  He hasn't met the cat properly, she is a bit scared of Kingsley and has a hissy fit when he tries to get close. 

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