Lola is a lovely boxer x Johnston bull dog who is 4yrs old she is great with people and loves children and is good with other dogs. She has come to NRBR due to her owners landlord not allowing dogs in the house. She has gone to a foster home and has been a very loving and kissy girl.

Quick updates from Lola's foster mum:

We got Lola last night she was very unsettled when she first came but after we took her for a walk and came back she gives the best cuddles ever! She is such a loving dog. She's so playful I can't get a good picture of her.

Well Lola has defiantly settled down now, she plays ball, barks and she also has started to protect the house and my young son. Whenever she can see someone outside she's straight up at the windowsill!
She decided to climb the sofa and sit on my son but the funny thing is he didn't even mind. My little boy wasn't hurting her he was playing with her ear and she didn't even mind!😅 I'm glad he can feel safe around her though even though she is a big dog 😘

Lola has been with us for a week  and I'm loving every single moment she is such a loving dog and so very playful I'm in LOVVEE😍, she came up and gave me the best cuddles a minute ago!! She enjoyed the snow today she was bouncing around in it, she is now hitting the 💤💤 on me ah!

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