Max as a 3 year old Boxer boy is our newest arrival. He is great with kids young and old, and would be ok with a placid bitch or older dog. He can be strong on lead but he is okay with dogs and is ok to be left.

He has just gone into a foster home and he's following his foster mum  around to check things out. 

Quick updates from Max's fosterers:

So Max had had 2 days with just me and the kids. He has sulked the whole time that my partner isn't here  and he's been looking out for her. Think he's picked his favourite parent already! He's also had a destructive evening with his toys and left a lovely mess for me to clean up. So far he's had a good week 😊 and the kids absolutely love him, they all follow each other around the house 😍. He likes me and gives me a sad face when he's waiting for his dinner! But I think he's gonna go crazy when my partner gets home tonight. He really has been amazing with the kids, he knows to play soft with the youngest and then has a bit more strength when it's the older one playing tug of war

More updates to follow

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