Pawdrey is  a lovely female boxer cross Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy who was at risk of being put to sleep as she was unwanted. Pawdrey is said to be quite calm for a baby and she walks well on a lead, she will sit nice for a treat and knows she needs to go to the toilet outside. She has gone to a foster home where she is living with small children and getting on great.

Quick update from Pawdrey's foster mum:

Pawdrey is a lovely little lady who I feel will do well with the company of another doggy friend she is great with the kids ages 10, 8 and 3. She walks well on the lead and has been for a number 2 outside (bonus). She has just settled down for a sleep now so fingers crossed she will let me rest. 

Pawdrey Hepburn doesn't like the paparazzi on her day off. Today she refused a selfie with my boys. She's had a good day today confidence is definitely improving she is good meeting new people (had the builder round and he thought she was lovely). She had a really good venture round the garden today it was really nice to see her having a good nosey. She eats really well which is great as she needs a bit of meat on her. Little star!

Further updates to follow..

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