(Continued) Now for a couple of negatives. Ralph suffers from seperation anxiety, he is always following us around and cannot be left alone without calling out for us. Unfortunately whilst we have had to go out to work etc and leave him for a few hours at a time he has been growing more destructive as the week has gone on, we have tried to get him used to being alone by leaving him for short periods to begin with leading to longer times but he hasn't reacted well to this and needs some serious training in this area. He has pulled netting down, ripped cushions and chewed a few items up.

Ralph needs a home ideally where either he has someone with him all the time or where there is another dog with him for company or if someone can spend the time to build up his confidence with being left alone as he does have those seperation issues.

Ralph is our new boy , he is 16 months old and was imported at the age of 6 months hence the cropped ears and docked tail (the necessary paperwork has come with him) 

He has come to NRBR due to his family change of circumstances and they could no longer give him what he needed but he has been very well taken care of and his owners are upset to let him go but did it for him. 

He is just a daft big lump of a pup.

An update from Ralph's foster dad:

Ralph is a very friendly and loving boxer dog. He loves hugs and kisses and follows you everywhere you go. 

Ralph loves walks and just wants to play with every dog he sees to varying results as some dogs don't like him and let him know. That doesn't bother him though. Ralph can be a bit curious meeting new people and children, at first he is unsure but within a few minutes he is his usual bubbly self and I have no doubt he hasn't got a bad bone in his body... unless your a cat that is lol. He loves a good growl at cats!

Ralph had a bit of trouble settling in to begin with into our home. The first few nights he wanted to sleep on the bed with us but we managed to ween him off of being with us at bed time, so it's something he still needs a bit of work when he finds his new home. 

He is a wonderful and Handsome boy, we want him to go to the best permanent home possible.

Latest update:

Luck Ralph ha a new permanent home after Christmas

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