Stanley is an 10 month old British Bull dog who has come to NRBR as his owners were not allowed to keep him, and were given an ultimatum that he goes. 

Stanley is a lovely boy and like his name he is a bit of a romancer with the girl dogs and can be a little over amorous but he gives the best kisses and cuddles. He has been crate trained and has gone to his foster home for a period of assessment 

Up date from foster mum:
This boys true personality is coming through & i can reveal hes a clown!....tried to nick a towel from the linen basket while i was pegging washing out, charged round the garden like his backside was on fire.....macho'd up when he saw a cat walk along the fence, I swear he puffed his chest out.....then while sat chillin' in the kitchen he noticed the towels blowing in the wind so spent the afternoon grumbling & groaning....and just wont stay still while trying to get some photos of him playing. Never a dull moment.

More updates to follow:

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