Herman - NRBR's Super Dog ... RIP precious boy

Herman is a special Boxer boy for NRBR as he has health issues which mean that he will live in a foster home until the end of his days. 

Herman is settling in well in his foster home. He follows his foster brother and the family children everywhere - sweet x

Not a great day with Herman today, lots of pacing & circling. Got him settled now bless him :(

Herman has a blast at the beach which he adored. Christmas took it out of him a bit :(

Some lovely photos from Herman's foster mum who is doing a wonderful job to make him as happy and comfortable as she can. A really difficult job knowing that she may lose him at any time due to his condition xx

Well it seems that Herman is a big cuddle monster and dived into his foster mum's arms for a lovely big kiss...awwww 

He also likes to spend time on the Internet checking his web page. 

As you can see Herman has a lovely life with several other foster dogs - he doesn't know he's any different from the rest of them x x

Last update:

So sad that we lost Herman just before 3am this morning (2 March16). He is now at peace and free from the condition that we knew would take him from us much too soon. 

We owe a debt of gratitude to Herman's foster mum who took him in knowing that she would have to face this moment at some point. She showed him so much love right up to the end. Condolences to her, and to Herman's previous owners who made the hard decision to part with him for his sake.

RIP Herman xx 

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